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Sep. 17th, 2005 @ 03:40 am
You know what bugs me? The absence of an inter-provincial intermediate Reach tournament.

the money factor Sep. 15th, 2005 @ 06:21 pm
Fundraising ideas for trivia teams, anyone?

TV guide :P Sep. 11th, 2005 @ 11:17 am
For anyone who cares, the broadcasts of the 2004-2005 Ontario provincial finals begin tonight on TVO at 6:30. The first game is Lisgar vs Leaside.

NAQT nationals & qualifiers Aug. 15th, 2005 @ 04:47 pm

Details about the 2006 NAQT High School National Championship Tournament and ways to qualify for itCollapse )

Ben Smith,
Treasurer, U of O Trivia.

Jeopardy! Contestant Alert Jul. 4th, 2005 @ 09:45 pm
John Colterman, the coach from Assumption CSS (they've been at Provincials a few times), is going to be on Jeopardy! this week.

I'm not sure if his air date as a challenge is going to be Tuesday 7/5 or Wednesday 7/6, so keep an eye out!
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» Reach for the Top National Finals


and the winners are...Collapse )
» 2005 Ottawa Quizbowl Tournament
(May as well announce it here)

The University of Ottawa Trivia Club is holding the 2005 Ottawa Quizbowl Tournament on Saturday, November 19. This is a tournament, affiliated with NAQT, open to high school students in eastern Ontario and western Quebec. It will be the first NAQT event (and possibly first quizbowl tournament- I need to check) exclusively available for high school students in Canada. While NAQT is a U.S.-based company, the U of O Trivia Club has been granted permission to replace some American-themed questions with Canadian content.

The tournament website is at: http://ca.geocities.com/uotrivia/OQT05.html

If you know of any schools that are interested in participating, please let the Club know, at the address below. We have interest from schools as far away as Kingston, and 7 teams have registered already. Our room capacity is 24 teams, and with the current rate of registrations (7 teams in 3 days), I wouldn't want teams to miss out by being late.

Brief info about the tournament:
-NAQT format (ie: tossup/bonus, 9-minute timed halves)
-teams are guaranteed 7 to 10 games
-the top 15% of the field are eligible for NAQT HSNCT (national championships)
-trophies for top 3 teams, top overall individual, top grade 9/10 individual

$40 for the first team from a school
$30 for each additional team
-$10 (discount) for each buzzer system (maximum 3: schools sending 2+ teams must bring at least one buzzer)
-$10 (discount) for registering before October 29 to: uotrivia -at- yahoo.ca

To register, list your school, expected number of teams and buzzers from your school, the email address of a supervising representative, and any questions you may have.

NAQT offers a package of over 50 practice packets for $99 (Canadian $ for Canadian schools, if you request): http://www.naqt.com/new-high-school-package.html (until July 31, 2005)

Also, we can negotiate further discounts for coaches/students able to read quizbowl format with a speed of 18 tossups-per-game or more.


the U of O Trivia Club
(through Ben Smith)
» A-herm...
Just letting people that the story behind our Reach trip can be found, in unabridged form, here:


Be cautioned, it's long and you may even find our idea of fun extremely screwed up.
» Whaddya say?
What do you say?

Should we write something to Reach to make sure they get rid of this wild card nonsense?

I think b_d_smith has some very strong arguments as to why we should get rid of it or how it can be improved.

What does everyone think?
» Biggest comeback?
Just a question for everyone here:

What's the biggest comeback you've seen (or been a part of) in a Reach For The Top game?
» my recap
Okay, so I guess it's my turn at this.

Saturday, us Woodlanders got to UTSC, and the first team I saw, I was like, hah, I wonder if that's Merivale. So I ask someone, who ended up being Anne, if they're from Ottawa, and coincidentally, they were. So I stupidly ask if they're from Merivale. Coincidentally, yes. And of course, who could not ask for pakaboori at that time. Evidently, she was confused. So, anyway. We got into the student centre, saw a few UTSers, blah blah blah.

Commuted to McDonald's for lunch because clearly we couldn't think of another place to go to. Drove to Pope John Paul II S.S. where we were crammed like chickens in a factory farm. The games were played in the most un-air conditioned places you will ever be in. We were literally boiling for the next 10 minutes before they announced that games would start in 1 minute. I hated that.....and I'm sure most of you hated it as well.

First game was against a rather friendly team from Courtice, a team from out in Northumberland. Somehow the guys ganged up on me and named my co-captain the actual captain. However. There was a 20 minute delay.....in a 20-30 degree environment with absolutely no air conditioning. That, and there was another 1 minute delay.

Either way, we ended up posting a 490-50 blowout against Courtice. Coincidentally, the 490 was the highest score that game.

We had scani's team up next, and they really gave us a run for our money. Well, Jordan and Ian at least. Jordan is absolutely stunning at Canadian history, I'll give him that. Eventually we came up with a 320-260 win.

pakaboori's team was third, and well.....let's just say I went into an absolute nervous breakdown. BUT I still managed to keep them in check within 30 points.....until I fouled up the what am I? (Finland) question and started getting tired, after which they pulled away with a 100 point win. 400-300.

The dinner, apparently, was horrible, but I went to some concert at UTS, which was equally terrible because of the people I invited to go to said concert. Residences were equally horrible. I didn't sleep well all night. -__-" pah.

We were up against Waterloo C.I. first thing the next morning. They pulled off a huge 200-70 lead in the first round, but we (or rather, I, due to the lack of team support) pulled to a 260-260 tie. In the third round, we kept fighting away, and came out with a 410-310 win in a most dramatic fashion.

Oakville-Trafalgar, from the beginning, was a disaster. Due to my lack of team support, assigned questions were a disaster. Not to mention that I was the only one who could match up to Eric.

We ended up winning against Timmins and Sir Winston Churchill by handy 100 point margins. In the end, we came up 15th, one spot ahead of St. Thomas Aquinas. If you couldn't hear us, we were cheering, because Aquinas fared worse than we did. And we hate Aquinas, so all was well.

As an added bonus, UTS came 40 points short of a playoff spot, so I just pointed and laughed at them. Hahaha, UTS. What failures they are now.

Moral of the weekend: team support is essential.

Okay that is my weekend. Pardon the lack of language and the numerous sentence fragments.
» linkage
So. Junkies can find the rankings and win-loss records not accounted for in the previous post (aka, everything not TV) on the official website of Reach for the Top. Yeah, I can't believe they were this fast, either. The thing only ended 5-ish hours ago!

The TV games were intense, playing and watching, actually. And I won't say anymore about them now. Congrats to everyone who went to provs at all, and of course special congrats to the two advancing teams (neither of which have representatives here, I think), who are both awesome.

The broadcasts start Sept 11 at 6:30 on TVO. A new epsiode every Sunday for the next 11 Sundays. Possibly repeats on Wednesday, I don't know. And a "making-of" documentary will be posted on the site eventually, I think. Because they filmed a hell of a lot of sutff for that (including 11 sound checks with 44 people speaking individually...and stuff that's more fun that soundcheck ;)

Sorry for sentence fragments, typos, or incoherence. I'm tired and have been in LJ withdrawal ;)

(Taz; "the shortest and the youngest" of the team with the Che/Maroon shirts, aka Merivale from Ottawa)
» Reach Provincials TV Round Results
I have full results for the TV round of Ontario Reach...

I will not post them here, but rather in the comments section of htis post.
» UTS --> 11th!
Am I the only one who finds this amusing, other than the fact that my old school barely made the TV rounds?
» Good luck!
In this surprisingly vacant time leading up to Ontario provincials, I say good luck to the teams participating.

I will be able to go down, if only to be the single audience member for a 10 PM taping on a Monday night...
» High Scores
Post any high scores or games with large margins of victory here.
» (No Subject)
I find it really amusing how we're the only ones who know the competition two weeks before the actual thing starts, unless there are other obscure communities out there that are not affiliated with LiveJournal, which of course, would be extremely rare.

Hooray for us.
» Question
What were the pools at last year's provincials? Can anybody at least give me a rough idea of what top teams were in the same pools?

...and if there are 10 teams this year and it is like 2002, then there are 2 wild cards .... ie. 10 teams, 5 winners + wildcard = 6, 3 winners + wildcard = 4 ...
» UTS admits a weakness
"What are our perceived weaknesses?"

"physical geography"

Start cracking on those geo textbooks, cause we're going to have a field day! (pun intended)
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